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The CAP Association is a not for profit association based in Basel, Switzerland founded with the aim of executing African photography projects n November 2016. The association mainly executes the CAP Prize for Contemporary African Photography awarded annually to five photographic portfolios that engage with the African continent or its diaspora. The Prize has been awarded from 2012 to 2016 under the name of POPCAP, Prize Africa. What started in 2012 with POPCAP led to the Edition POCPAP a limited print edition of a number of POPCAP winners photographs that are for sale online and through exhibitions. The first POPCAP winners exhibition in 2012 was held as nightly projections during Art Basel introducing outstanding African photography to the international art audience. This annual celebration of African photography quickly grew to a festival titled Image Afrique, presenting a series of outdoor photography exhibitions and various events like film screenings, panel discussions, concerts, guided tours, and workshops. Along with the large scale outdoor exhibitions, the CAP Association offers a series workshop labeled CAP Academy, tought mainly by the winners of the CAP Prize, to foster photographic practices on the African continent. The CAP association receives support from the booster club CAP Patrons.

Organigram of the CAP Association and its projects

CAP Association president is Benjamin Füglister
CAP Association vice president is Claudio Miozzari

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CAP Association c/o Füglister
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CAP Association Basel, c/o Füglister, Im Lohnhof 7, 4051 Basel
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